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Exam room

Exam room with drop-down table

Our in-house lab provides immediate test results
Intensive Care Unit

Our new in-house 8-slice helical CT, the same type of CT found in many human hospital ERs.  Our CT is so fast, most studies can be performed only with sedation.  Very sick cats may not need sedation at all.

Induction area - an experienced technician is assigned to monitor your pet's anesthetic.  We have multiple monitors connected to your pet, just like in a human hospital.
Induction area, with ICU in the background and sterile supply to the left.  Extensive use of indoor glass windows makes our workspace open and well-lit

Our Snyder Oxygen cage is an essential piece of equipment in ICU for animals who present with breathing difficulties

Runs for our larger hospitalized patients
Orthopedic Surgery Suite
Underwater treadmill in the rehabilitation room is invaluable for both orthopedic and neurologic patients as well as conditioning and weight loss.
State-of-the-art digital radiology