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Why see a specialist?

Animals deserve the very best care possible. Just as humans are treated by specialists for a variety of medical reasons, animals should be treated by veterinary specialists when advanced care is warranted. Surgery often warrants that care. ACVS Board-Certified Veterinary Surgeons can provide that care.


There are a variety of reasons to seek a veterinary surgeon:


Expertise and specialized training

  • Primary veterinarians focus on the day-to-day needs of your animal. Veterinary surgeons spend years training extensively in surgical procedures.
  • Experience often translates into shorter surgery and anesthetic times for your pet.
  • Specialists are more likely to see complicated cases.
  • Specialists can provide you with options and help you determine the best treatment for your animal.

Enhanced care. Surgeons are more likely to have

  • Access to specialty equipment, advanced diagnostics and comprehensive anesthteic monitoring.
  • Technicians who understand the needs of animals undergoing surgery.  (VSC has the only technician in Florida specialized in surgery).
  • 24-hour monitoring of your pet.
  • Advanced multi-modal pain management in all patients.



Questions to Ask Before Your Pet Has Surgery

Before your pet goes to surgery, ask the questions they can’t. Ask your family veterinarian these top questions before your pet undergoes surgery:


  • How often have they performed this type of surgery?
  • Does the surgery require special equipment?  Is it available?
  • Is there 24-hour care available for my pet after surgery?
  • Will my pet receive adequate post-operative pain management?
  • Does my pet’s surgery require a specialist?
  • What should I expect the outcome of the surgery to be?