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Veterinary Specialty Center provides specialty surgery and rehabilitation services to the pets of central Florida and surrounding areas. At VSC your pet’s health is our top priority and excellent service is our goal.  We offer honest surgical and medical advice to assist you in making the right decision for you and your pet. When you choose VSC you can be confident that our dedicated and experienced team will provide your pet with the best chance of a happy, healthy recovery. VSC provides a team approach to veterinary surgical and medical care by working in partnership with your family veterinarian.

We provides services in the following areas:

The surgeons at VSC have many years experience in performing a wide range of surgeries.  Regardless of the reason for your pet’s surgery, you can be assured that the surgeons at VSC have experience that counts. more >

STEM Cell Treatment
VSC performs in-house STEM cell harvesting and processing using the MediVet system (www.medivet-america.com).   Our most common application is for treatment of osteoarthritis.  We can coordinate STEM cell harvesting and treatment at the same time as your pet’s surgery, or as part of a multimodal approach for medical treatment of osteoarthritis. more >

If you have a major orthopedic surgery or sports injury yourself, the first thing your doctor does is recommend physical therapy.  Why do anything less for your pet?  Pet rehabilitation is now a mainstream treatment option. more >

Pain Management and Anesthesia
At VSC we take pain seriously!   Pain control is our goal.  Whether it is pain management for a chronic condition such as arthritis or acute pain associated with a surgery or a procedure, you can rest assured that your pet’s pain will be managed. more >

Advanced Imaging

The specialists at VSC have access to a range of advanced imaging tools. 


  • Our digital radiology system allows us to take high resolution radiographic images, which can be sent to a Board Certified radiologist for a second opinion if necessary.
  • At VSC we have a brand new state-of-the-art 8 slice helical CT machine. CT is useful for advanced imaging of the nasal cavity, middle ear, chest, abdomen, limbs and spine.  Since our CT is so fast, most examinations can be performed under sedation. Very sick cats can have their examination performed awake using our CT by placing them in a Perspex tube within the CT.
  • Radioiodine Treatment (I-131) involves a single injection of the isotope I-131 under the skin which destroys the diseased thyroid tissue. more >     
Lexus in the Perspex "mouse-trap" ready for her CT.