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Here are a few kind comments from some of our clients and their pets.



"Thank you for taking such good care of Isabelle.  Special thanks for all the love and compassion you showered her with", Phyllis L


"Thanks for fixing my broke-ass leg"

love MICA


"Thank you for your expert care and all that you did to save Jazz after she received her gunshot wound.  You are all angels".

The Mayhews


"What would we have done without you?  We would never have survived.  Thank you for everything you have done for us and Kaci.  You are a very special person"


"Thank you all so much for the extra tender loving care that you gave to Casey when he was there!  I felt bad to leave him, but I knew he was in good hands!"

Betty C.


"Thank you for saving Rover.  Sometimes life is cruel and sometimes it is very kind.  We wanted you to always remember what a difference you have made in our lives.  We wish you every success in the future."



"We wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for Kaci over the past 1 1/2 years.  You have no idea how very grateful we are to you"

Dave and Cathy


"Just wanted to say "Thanks" for your compassion and understanding with the passing of my dog Mandy.  You have a special gift in dealing with people.  You helped ease the pain of my decision to be the best friend and put her to sleep.  I appreciate your help"



"I won't say my stay from home was fun, but I'm very grateful I had someone like you fix me up!"

Sophia M


"Thank you all for making me well again and giving me a second chance for a good life. You were all so kind and caring and gentle to me.  I so appreciate you all.  Thank you!"

Mr. Magoo B.


"To all my wonderful Doctors, thank you for saving my life and making my life so much better, since I feel so much better.  You made my parents very thankful too."

Much love and many thanks

Teddy Y.


"Thanks to you and your staff, Cassie is back to doing all the things she normally did - jumping on the couch.  Dogs will be dogs!"

Sincerely, Helen and Ed R.


"My Mom and I thank you very much for taking such good care of me and making me better"

Love Xandi G.


Dear Doctors and Nurses

"Thank you for helping my cat survive.  I love Freckles very, very much. We were all so worried about her.  All your surgery, love and tender care are what made the difference.  We all sure do thank you - and Freckles does too".

Love Lanie (6 years old)


Dear Dr. Darien

"My Mum and Dad want to thank you so very, very much for making me better.  They said to tell you their christmas will now be very happy.  They also said you were a very special lady for performing such a delicate and big operation on me and not hurting me much.  Mum and Dad are very grateful to you, and so am I, but I would really like to go home soon, if thats OK with you.  Thank you for looking after me"

Love Muffy S.


Dear Dr. Darien

"Our eternal gratitude for putting Sox back together again - I know you are a very busy person and appreciate you taking the time to see him.  He's back to his old self, albeit with a healthier fear for cars!!"

Thanks again, Marianne and Mark L.


Dear Dr. Lawrence

"Thank you for taking care of my sweet little pug Peaches.  You and the staff were so efficient and professional, and you were also kind.  I'm sure your quick intervention and surgery saved Peaches' life."

Very Sincerely, Kris D.


"Thanks to all of you for your kindness, compassion and expert care during Ginger's treatment.  having Ginger healthy again has been the best present we could have asked for this holiday"

Carla and Michelle


"Thank you so much for your caring, compassion and expertise during the last several weeks.  You truly made a very difficult time a little easier"

Julie and Teri