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When Your Pet is Hospitalized
At VSC excellent communication between our clients and staff is our goal.  Your doctor or a technician will keep you updated on your pet's progress and you are always welcome to call us.  Rest assured that the doctor will immediately relay any change in your pet’s condition to you.  

Patient Visitation
Visiting your pet in the hospital can be arranged in most cases, although we do not encourage visitation on the day of surgery.  We ask that you limit your visit to 15 minutes to keep from disrupting your pet's treatment and recovery. Please understand that there may be a wait due to unexpected procedures or changes in patients' conditions and allow yourself extra time when coming to visit your pet.

Patient Discharges
When your pet is ready to go home, an appointment for their discharge will be made during regular business hours.  Written instructions will be reviewed with you at the time of your pet goes home.  Payment is due in full on discharge from the hospital.

Serious Illness
Due to the seriousness of many patients' conditions, we cannot guarantee a positive outcome. Please remember that only the doctor is qualified to discuss your pet's prognosis. When your pet is admitted to the hospital, we will ask you to choose a resuscitation code.  In the event of cardiac or respiratory arrest, we will follow your wishes until we are able to contact you for further instructions