Anesthesia And Pain Management For Dogs And Cats In Melbourne Fl

Anesthesia and Pain Management for Dogs and Cats in Melbourne, FL

Anesthesia And Pain Management For Dogs And Cats In Melbourne Fl

We provide tailored anesthesia and expert pain management services for your dogs and cats, ensuring a smoother, safer surgical experience and enhanced recovery. Our experienced team at Veterinary Specialty Center leverages advanced diagnostics and cutting-edge treatments to minimize discomfort and support your pet's wellbeing throughout their care. If you're considering a procedure that requires anesthesia or seeking effective pain management solutions, we invite you to contact us for a consultation or patient referral.

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How We Make Veterinary Anesthesia Safer for Pets

Our board-certified veterinarian and staff are extensively trained in routine and advanced anesthetic cases. This expert knowledge and experience means we can develop specific anesthetic protocols designed to ensure the utmost safety for your pet during procedures, significantly reducing any associated risks.

We Run Diagnostics to Evaluate Your Pet's Health

Before any surgical procedure, we conduct a thorough examination, blood work, and radiology to confirm your pet’s fitness for anesthesia. This critical assessment helps us understand vital organ functions and adjust each patient’s anesthesia plan accordingly.

Anesthetic Protocols are Tailored to Your Pet's Needs

Recognizing that every pet is unique, we consider factors such as health history, age, size/weight, and temperament when designing our anesthetic protocols. This personalized approach helps us mitigate potential risks and side effects, optimizing the overall safety and effectiveness of the anesthesia provided.

We Monitor Our Patients Closely

Safety is our top priority. During all anesthetic procedures, our skilled staff meticulously monitors each patient's vital signs. We use state-of-the-art electronic monitoring equipment to make real-time adjustments, ensuring a controlled, secure environment throughout the anesthetic and recovery process.

Pain Management for Dogs and Cats

Post-operative pain management is critical for a speedy and comfortable recovery. At Veterinary Specialty Center, we use Nocita, a local anesthetic that provides long-lasting pain control for dogs and cats after surgery. This treatment is part of our comprehensive approach to pain management, which includes various modalities to suit the specific needs of each pet.

How Nocita Works

Nocita is a bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension and a recent addition to the world of veterinary medicine. It generates a slow release of non-narcotic anesthetic to give dogs and cats recovering from surgery about 72 hours of pain relief. Studies have found Nocita to be a safe, effective option for post-op pain relief in pets.

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Why Choose Us for Anesthesia and Pain Management?

Why Choose Us for Anesthesia and Pain Management?

Choosing the right facility for your pet’s anesthesia and pain management needs is vital. At Veterinary Specialty Center, we are committed to providing compassionate, expert care that nurtures the human-animal bond and enhances the quality of life for your pets. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help ensure the best possible outcome for your pet’s procedure.