Healing Pets with Advanced Care and a Compassionate Touch

Veterinary Specialty Surgery and Rehabilitation in Melbourne, FL

If your pet needs advanced care to help them heal and live a better life, you can turn to our team of experts at Veterinary Specialty Center. We specialize in innovative veterinary surgery, diagnostics, and rehabilitation for your four-legged family members so they can have a second chance at a healthy and pain-free life with you.

Led by Dr. Omar González, Veterinary Specialty Center supports pets and families, and partners with area veterinarians to deliver pioneering treatments with a compassionate touch. We are proud to serve Melbourne, FL, and the greater Central Florida region, upholding a legacy of medical excellence and a commitment to the human-animal bond.

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Meet Our Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Omar González leads our team at Veterinary Specialty Center. He is a board-certified veterinary surgeon skilled in both soft tissue and orthopedic surgery. Dr. González received diplomate status from the American College of Veterinary Surgeons - Small Animal in 2020 and has been fully dedicated to improving the lives of pets ever since.

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Veterinary Specialty Center is happy to welcome new patients and clients. Whether you’re a concerned pet parent or a veterinarian looking for a skilled specialist, our team stands ready to help. Reach out to us today to refer a patient or request a consultation for your pet.